Remove suggested emails and change team member names

Hello! two questions,

  1. We recently swapped over our company URL and we have added the new members .com email - however the old ones remain as ‘suggested’ - how can I clear this?

  2. When I added a user, I miss spelt their name - how can I update this?

Cheers, J

Hi @Jake_Cashion, welcome to the forum!

It seems you created new accounts for the new email addresses. If you wish to keep having access to any information in the old accounts, you can suggest to your colleagues to merge their old accounts with the new accounts (the ones associated with the new domain).

If you don’t need access to the old accounts, you can remove those accounts from your Organization following these steps so they don’t appear as suggested when you assign tasks.

In regards to your last question, the account owner will be able to update the name accessing the Profile tab in “My profile Settings”.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Emily,

I followed the steps for removing old accounts, the email has been removed from the team, but the email suggestion still remains?

Thanks for getting back to me @Jake_Cashion! In this case, I recommend you to contact our support team and share the email addresses or users that are still appearing even if you remove them.