Removing old member names from Assignee option

Hi everyone - we recently merged with another company, and quite a number of our staff have moved on to different jobs. Over the past few months, I have removed these folks as members from teams and our organization as a whole, however their names still appear as options for Assignee in tasks. (In fact, there’s one team member who left almost two years ago, and his name still appears.) Still I’ve removed them from every other place, I’m not sure how else to fix this issue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @Courtney3 and welcome to the Forum!

No worries at all, this is a question that is often asked in the Forum :slight_smile: You can find the solution here: Delete old ASSIGNEE names from drop down menus

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions :slight_smile:

Hi Marie! Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I had already found that topic, but my issue is that these team member names aren’t showing up the Team Member list anymore as we already removed them. When they were removed, we weren’t aware to do the deprovision. Is there any way to do it after the fact? Thanks!

Thanks for the follow-up @Courtney3,

All ORG members are visible in the Assignee field, so in order to remove them from there, you must completely remove these members from your Org.

Customers often tend to skip steps 6 & 7, which results in members being removed from the Team but not from the Organization, and still show in the assignee field :slight_smile:

Definitely hear you. However, when I go to the Organization Member List, the names in question no longer appear there since we removed them a few months ago. So there is unfortunately no way for me to do #6 and #7 as we already removed them. (I think when we removed them, #6 and #7 did not happen, hence why their names are still popping up as assignees. Is there a way to fix that now?)

I’m experiencing this exact problem also. The members do not show in the Members section to delete them and complete #6 & 7. @Marie do you have suggestions on how to fix this?

@Berleena_Watson, have you tried to clear your browser’s cache and cookies?

Thanks @Marie that didn’t seem to work either. Any other suggestions?

I would suggest reaching out to support with some screenshots illustrating the issue and the email address of the user you’re trying to remove.