Removed members still showing in dropdown

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I deleted and removed access to two email addresses that were wrong and never accepted the invite as a member. However, these emails were still assigned to many tasks that I had to manually change to the new email. Also, when I want to now assign a member to new task, the old email that I deleted from the team is still showing up as an option to assign them to a task. They also appear when I want to assign an email to collaborate.

Steps to reproduce:
Send an invite to an email address. Then assign that email to a task and to collaborate in a conversation. Then un-invite them and revoke their access. Then see that the email is still assigned to tasks and will show in the dropdown of members when you try to assign a member to a new task.

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Can’t upload screenshot because of privacy of the member’s emails.

Hi @RoundRocks, sounds like you removed these folks from your team but not from your Organisation. This is a common question in the forum, and you cna find the steps to resolve it here: Delete old ASSIGNEE names from drop down menus

Thanks. I had already removed them correctly, I just didn’t catch the Deprovision that I needed to click when removing them. If you say that many ask about this, maybe Asana can do something to make the removal process more simple. Like allowing us to remove members from the organization no matter if they are pending invite or not.