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Hi there,

One of our team members has switched email addresses. We have added the new address to the project and removed the old one. The issue is that colleagues at-mention him on comments using his previous email address, as this is the one that usually pops up as the first option.

Is there a way to eliminate the old email address completely from the project? It is causing confusion and the user is missing notifications because of this.

Thank you!

Hey @Iulia_Dudas,

was the old email only removed from the project or completely from the workspace/organization?

Like for example when you start typing in @ and start with the first letters do both of his emails show? This could be the reason why people tag him under the old email still.

There are a few options:

  • Remove the old email via the admin console
    When you remove an email you can decide to whom the tasks are reassigned to. In your case that would be the user with the new email.

  • The team member could have also added his new email to his existing account and then go to account settings and change the primary email to decide which one shows also for people when they tag him. Then if he wants he can remove the old email

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