Remove Photo Preview option Missing?

I think with the latest update the three-dot menu when hovering on an unopened task went away and I have not found where they put the “Show no cover photo” option.

I really like to organize my board with no images in the cover and any previous option for that seems to have gone away.

Is this gone for good or am I just missing the workaround?

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Welcome, @Caroline_Ray,

It’s not you! I’m afraid you’ve been caught be an Asana change that some of us felt was a mistake–making a UI feature undiscoverable–hidden.

If you right-click on the card, you’ll find your menu.

@Forum-team, perhaps consider passing this along to the product team.




Thanks for sharing this feedback, @lpb and @Caroline_Ray! As Larry mentioned, this is part of a recent update we launched. We appreciate your comment and have shared it with our product team!

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