3 dots are not showing on task in board view

The 3 dots on the top right of a task are no longer showing. I want to be able to remove the image from view on the board but cannot do this now.

I’ve tried reloading Asana, restarting my laptop but neither has made a difference. Has something changed? I can’t find any reference to this in Asana Help

Hello @Jen_Burgin,

This is expected; the three dots were recently removed to help declutter the board view. You can edit or remove the cover image by right-clicking on the card and selecting “Choose cover image” :slight_smile:

I’ve sent a note to our team to add this update to the guide, I hope this helps!

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Thanks Marie, good to know. My feedback would be to have this information easily available as I could only find reference to clicking on the 3 dots to remove images. I couldn’t find any mention of this update by searching in both Asana help and googling the question.

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