Cover Image Management Help

Hi All,

I have started to use Asana (have previously used Trello) and I have a few oberservations.

  1. Cover Image appear above the Title of the task. Can this orientation be changed? I would prefer the Title, then Cover image (like it is in Trello). Is this possible?
  2. When I add an image, it shows the image as a Cover Image. Can I deactivate this as a default?

Thanks all,

Hi @Phillip_F, thanks for reaching out! I believe you are currently viewing your tasks in Board view. As it stands, it’s currently not possible to change the image cover and make the title appear at the top of the card.

In regards to your second question, you can update the default settings clicking the three dot icon in the task:

Dear Emily,
Thanks for the quick response.
Re: Coverage Image Defaulting - Is there any global way of setting this? Each time I upload an image to a task within a board, I need to remove the image.


Thanks for getting back to me, @Phillip_F! I’m afraid it’s currently not possible to update these settings for all images in board view. Thanks again for your feedback!