Hide completed tasks on Asana board by default

This is a follow-up for those who might have landed in the initial topic from the Google search like myself, and did not find a comprehensive answer there. The topic is closed now so I cannot add there.

The full solution to achieve the needed result is the following:

  1. Mark your completed tasks with that green checkbox
  2. Set your board to Only show Incomplete tasks

  1. Save the resulting layout as default using three-dots menu on the right, after that you won’t need to hide completed tasks every time you visit the board. (This is the step that Community Manager did not mention in the last topic)


Hi @Oleksii1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thank you for taking the time to provide this information to our Community :clap:t2:

Seconded, the vere ending filtering out completed tasks is very obnoxious.

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