Remove attached files from task


I have files in the Files tab that I want to get rid of.
How do I do that?
I can’t remove the attachments from the original task.

Thanks for the help.


Hi! Once you create the task, you should be able to click into the task from the project it’s assigned to, hover your cursor over the attachment in the task, and click the little “x” button that pops up. Let me know if this works for you,

Best, Daniel



Hovering over the image does nothing.

See attached.


Ah. It looks like you night be hovering over the actual rendering of the image, rather than the attachment file. If you scroll a little higher in the task, below the description and just below Add to Project, you should see the actual attachment with a paper clip to the far left. You can delete it from there. Here’s a pic of what I mean.



Actually I see that it is not a task…it is a conversation.

Someone replied to the conversation via email and their email signature had images in it.

How do I remove those?

Do I have to delete the conversation?



I see. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to delete attachments from conversations without deleting the entire conversation. Very sorry about that!