How to delete a file from a project


Hello, I have seen some posts about this allready, however no solution: I have deleted a file from task, however it is still in the files. I don’t know how to delete a file. The file is old and has to be gone completely to make sure it is not used.

Hope someone can help. Thanks


Hi @Eva,

If the file is still in your “File” tab, it means it is still attached to a task within your project. Here is how you can solve this:

Head to your project “File” tab
Locate the File in question and hover your mouse over the name of the task your file is attached to (See screenshot below)
This will automatically open the task your file is attached to
From there, simply delete the attachement following these steps

Hope this helps Eva, keep me posted!


He Marie,

Thanks so much for that. I thought I tried this before, however not via the files. Anyway, thanks again for taking time to reply. Much appreciated.

Have a nice day. Eva


You’re very welcome @EvaH, hope to chat to you soon in the Forum :slight_smile: