Attach Files to Projects without going through Task



Current state for uploading/attaching documents is to use a task. I would like the ability to simply upload a file directly to the “files” section of the project. By forcing that the file is uploaded to a task I have to create a placeholder task simply named the name of the file. This is reporting on my Instagantt chart incorrectly and is creating bloat in my Asana project. Thanks for you consideration.


I have exactly the same question. People in my studio showed me how they do it with Notion… I understand that attachments must be related to a task, and that Asana is not a container of information, but this feature will be very helpful as there are files that are best related to a whole project. The best I have found so far is to put files in a google drive folder and then paste the link into the project description…but this is still not integrated enough.


I was just trying to figure out how to do the same thing, but am now realizing it can’t be done in Asana. Drat.