Attach Files to Projects without going through Task

Current state for uploading/attaching documents is to use a task. I would like the ability to simply upload a file directly to the “files” section of the project. By forcing that the file is uploaded to a task I have to create a placeholder task simply named the name of the file. This is reporting on my Instagantt chart incorrectly and is creating bloat in my Asana project. Thanks for you consideration.


I have exactly the same question. People in my studio showed me how they do it with Notion… I understand that attachments must be related to a task, and that Asana is not a container of information, but this feature will be very helpful as there are files that are best related to a whole project. The best I have found so far is to put files in a google drive folder and then paste the link into the project description…but this is still not integrated enough.


I was just trying to figure out how to do the same thing, but am now realizing it can’t be done in Asana. Drat.

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I’m also looking for the same solution. would be great to be able to create a folder of files for each project so everyone can view it. Google drive can also work

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I don’t think Asana will ever do this, but maybe I’m wrong. The thought is that projects are a collection of tasks, which is why you have to attach a document to a specific task rather than have a files section for a project. The way we have started to do this is to create a section called Project Information and a task with [PROJECT DESCRIPTION] or [PLEASE READ FIRST]. Then we include any information we need to share as project owners to the team as well as attaching any files. I hope that helps.


This is a critical feature missing in Asana. Sure a project is a “collection of tasks” but there is a subset of information that exists at the project level. Asana has a “description” field for a project. That clearly understand that the basic background information about the project is common to everything on the project. So the same thing can be said for certain files. We do work on land-use projects. I’d like to be able to upload the property information in each case as an attachment to the project so it’s available to my team. This information relates to the ENTIRE PROJECT, not any specific task. It’s dumb to have to create a fake task in order to provide it to my team. I really hope Asana makes project-level attachments a reality.


We would love a way to attach files to individual Asana projects without having to attach it to a task first. Additionally, an organized folder system would help locate files more easily.


Hi @MelissaLKinney and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I was able to find an existing thread requesting the same feature so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this thread to consolidate votes! I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Friday!

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Sounds great, thank you!

What do you expect. Asana is a lot more hype than it merits. They have this great community but they ignore the things brought to their attention. My hope is that some enterprising engineers are paying attention and will soon build the platform we want

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This would be super helpful and is something I really like about Trello. There’s usually a primary document that I need access to every time I start working on a specific project. It would be great to have this easily accessible when viewing the Asana project. It would then enforce my behavior of logging into Asana before working on something.

As a work around - why not create a section - put the section at the top - with a task listed as ‘documents’ and place the documents in there.

Maybe this will do what you need.


This is what we currently do.

Hi, we just joined this week, still, on the free trial, I just assumed that not being able to attach a external shared folder to the project was a feature in the paid version, but seems I was wrong.

I think this is basic ask of any PM tool, that different file associations can and should be applied at different levels.

So for me, I would need to have the ability to associate my one drive to the overall project allowing me to create a shared folder specific for the project itself.

Hi Everyone!

If you select a project and go to the “overview” (right left from the default “list”), check the “key resources” section and you will be able to share any document from your computer or a bunch of cloud service providers.

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I have files in the Files tab that I want to get rid of.
How do I do that?
I can’t remove the attachments from the original task.

Thanks for the help.

Hi! Once you create the task, you should be able to click into the task from the project it’s assigned to, hover your cursor over the attachment in the task, and click the little “x” button that pops up. Let me know if this works for you,

Best, Daniel


Hovering over the image does nothing.

See attached.

Ah. It looks like you night be hovering over the actual rendering of the image, rather than the attachment file. If you scroll a little higher in the task, below the description and just below Add to Project, you should see the actual attachment with a paper clip to the far left. You can delete it from there. Here’s a pic of what I mean.


Actually I see that it is not a task…it is a conversation.

Someone replied to the conversation via email and their email signature had images in it.

How do I remove those?

Do I have to delete the conversation?