Drag and Drop Attachments between tasks

Asana has a nice feature of the ability to forward emails to a project that creates a task (not to be confused with forwarding to a project conversation or team conversation. After it is forwarded it seems the actions you can do with it are as follows:

  1. Leave as a new task
  2. Drag into another task as a subtask
  3. Copy the body content and use it as a description or comment in an existing task.

One obvious limit from my standpoint is that there is no way to drag the attachments to an existing task. As a task does not have an email address there are often times that I may receive an email from outside or inside the organization that I want the attachment to be part of an existing Asana task. It is cumbersome to save it to a computer, box, dropbox etc versus just forwarding to the project. But without the ability to drag and drop the attachment to another task and if you do not want it to be a new task or subtask I have yet to see a way that the emailing to a project can help the situation where you want the email attachment. If there is a way I would love to hear it, else I am proposing an enhancement to add to productivity.


I agree. How Asana handles attachments should be improved - more flexibility.

I also posted a similar thought for screenshots here.

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