Email drag and drop files



When I receive an email with attachments from someone outside the organisation, I can drag and drop these attachments into an asana task. This is great.
However, is there a way to drag files out of asana tasks into a new email?
Example, I am working with a colleague on a document. They attach the most up to date version of the document to an asana task. I then want to issue this document via email to someone outside of the organisation. As far as I can tell, I need to download the file, save it on PC somewhere, then attach it to my email in outlook. Is there a faster way of doing this, or is this currently the only method?


Hi @Rachel_Horner

Tasks can host attachments that you and your colleague can work on, however you’ll need to download the attachments, then attach them to a separate email, if you wish.

A better way might be to use Asana Tasks as places to host links to a cloud based file sharing application, like Google Docs, Box, Onedrive. Links to file sharing integrations you can use with Asana are available below:

This way you don’t have to keep downloading and re-uploading content that you and your colleagues (outside the organization) are working on!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Mike,

As Rachel suggests, one of the selling points which made us switch to Asana was the ease to drop a document into a task, or an entire email thread with attachments. I dont understand why the same wouldnt apply to extract a file to email as Rachel suggests. Is there a technical reason this cant be done?