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When I receive an email with attachments from someone outside the organisation, I can drag and drop these attachments into an asana task. This is great.
However, is there a way to drag files out of asana tasks into a new email?
Example, I am working with a colleague on a document. They attach the most up to date version of the document to an asana task. I then want to issue this document via email to someone outside of the organisation. As far as I can tell, I need to download the file, save it on PC somewhere, then attach it to my email in outlook. Is there a faster way of doing this, or is this currently the only method?

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Hi @Rachel_Horner

Tasks can host attachments that you and your colleague can work on, however you’ll need to download the attachments, then attach them to a separate email, if you wish.

A better way might be to use Asana Tasks as places to host links to a cloud based file sharing application, like Google Docs, Box, Onedrive. Links to file sharing integrations you can use with Asana are available below:

This way you don’t have to keep downloading and re-uploading content that you and your colleagues (outside the organization) are working on!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

As Rachel suggests, one of the selling points which made us switch to Asana was the ease to drop a document into a task, or an entire email thread with attachments. I dont understand why the same wouldnt apply to extract a file to email as Rachel suggests. Is there a technical reason this cant be done?

Hey Michael,

I use a windows platform and can drag and drop attachments inside task details directly. However, my colleague uses a mac and is NOT able to directly drag and drop files to a task. Can you directly me to any threads or documents that can help fix this issue for us?


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Hi @anon64299166

I’d recommend your colleague use the troubleshooting steps outlined here. As a mac user myself, I can personally attest to the ability to drag & drop attachments to tasks, so perhaps an integration is getting in the way.

I’d also double check to verify if the project (and it’s tasks) were set as read only?

If they continue to have trouble they should reach out to our support team at

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The ability was not planned for 2018 according to the posts above.
Are there any plans to be able to drag and drop files directly from Asana to an email?


Hi @Julien_RENAUD, we don’t have plans to implement the drag and drop option but you can use an email integration like Gmail add-on or Asana for Outlook to attach images to your tasks from emails :slight_smile:

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