File upload for projects


I am fairly new to Asana and so far it seems like it might offer the features I require.

However, is there an option to upload files to a specific project without having to upload them to a task?

This would prevent us from having to use both Asana for tasking and Google Drive for File management.



Hi @dlannetts Welcome to the community…

No at present there isn’t a way to upload files to a project without associating them with a Task. Generally what I do is I have a reference section in the project which have tasks that don’t have due dates or get completed which has the file attached for easy reference.

Just to clarify you having to use both Asana and Google for File Management, when you add a file from Google Drive or one of the other cloud based solutions you are adding a link to that file not the actual file. So for example if you go into the file directly from explorer and update it, those updates will be reflected if you look at that same file via Asana.

Hope this helps…



Hi @dlannetts, welcome to the Community Forum!

As @Jason_Woods mentioned, at the moment it is only possible to upload files associating them with the task. You can find more information about attachments and the integrations we offer, here.

I’d recommend you to vote for this feature on this thread in our Product feedback section: Attach Files to Projects without going through Task

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions :sparkles:

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