Task with file attached converted to project and loses any attached files

When a task with files attached is converted into a project the files do not translate to the new project. All other task details are added to the overview tab but the files are no where to be found. It would be great if the files could be added to the key resources section on the overview tab or in the files tab within the new project.
Our marketing team takes in creative requests which often includes a file but when they convert the task into a full project to manage the many parts of the request they loose any of the attachments which is needed for the project work.


Good idea. Make sure to upvote your own post.

Hi, Just looking at this for incoming project requests with associated files. Do you know where the files go ?

I can not understand the logic of not porting over the files when I task is converted to a project. This is a huge development miss.

We’re testing the use of Asana forms as an intake for project proposals. Right now I have a rule that will convert the proposed project (represented by a task) into a project when the proposed project status is marked Approved via a custom field I created. So, not having the supporting project documents follow it is an issue.

I know that this is in the Feature Request phase, but honestly, this feels way more like a bug than a new feature being requested. Expected, logical behavior would for the files to be added to the project level since everything else is added to the project.

Also, not just files, but the conversation around the previous task should be brought over. The only work-around (other than re-posting all the comments and re-uploading all the files) I’ve found is to simple add the closed/converted task to the new project.