Reinstate private projects for a previously deleted member (and now re-added) - how do I do this?

This is the sequence of events …

  1. I added a client to our team and projects related to her business

  2. She logged in and updated those projects and tasks accordingly (works
    brilliantly … LOVE LOVE LOVE ASANA)

  3. She created PRIVATE projects (I do not have access to those - don’t
    actually need them)

  4. She didn’t pay me on time and when I asked to to bring her invoice up
    to date, chucked a hissy fit and locked me out of access to her social
    media and website - so we couldn’t do the work for her - this to me was a
    clear indication that she didn’t want to continue, so I removed her from my
    ASANA projects/team.

  5. She had a change of heart … paid the invoice and asked that I
    continue. She reinstated my access to her social media/website etc and we
    moved on.

  6. I re-instated her access to my team/projects

  7. We cannot find those PRIVATE projects that she created.

POINT 7 is the step we are stuck on and would really like some help to
resolve please. As she created them under her user name, are they perhaps somewhere other than my team and
projects? Are they hidden away in my team/organisation/workspace/projects
somewhere that her access to them can be reinstated.?

My understanding is that it doesn’t get deleted … so how can we find the private projects to add them back to her/add her back to them? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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@Elle_Butler Thanks for providing so much detail. Glad to know you love Asana! :slight_smile: Your issue is quite complex and will require specific work from our support team. We see that you’ve filed a support ticket and will be getting back to you with more information via your ticket shortly.

Thanks for your response Alexis.

Yes, I have submitted a support ticket, but I have also asked numerous
times for an update but had no reply … hence I thought the forum
might be a good option.

Hopefully it can be rectified soon.


Hi Elle - so glad you turned to the Community! That’s what we’re here for. In unique cases we refer users to our support team because privacy and security are a priority for us. My colleagues on the support team will be getting back to you soon :slight_smile:

Hey there! I have the same problem! i did open a help ticket, did you find the way to solve it?

The support team took care of it for me

I am in a very similar situation and need assistance immediately. Do you know how long it takes for the support team to retrieve these files after submitting a ticket? I do not even need the reestablished projects to be private to that user anymore, I just need them back. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Hey @Alexis I really need help here as soon as possible as my work relates on the private project that is being gone now… When can I estimate help here? Already reached out to the support

Hey Alexis, I have the exact same issue and already created a support ticket but haven’t heard back from them. The problem is, that my business relates on the project that is gone now in my private account, so it is SUPER URGENT! How can I contact the support to help me here asap?

Our organization has this exact issue right now.

Support - can you give me any idea of a typical timeframe to reinstating private projects from accidentally deleted members?

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Our team has the same issue. Any timeframe to reinstating private projects?

Hello everyone,

Currently, the only to manage such scenarios is by contact asana support team.

There is currently a product feedback to give super admins rights to manage all org projects. Please follow the link here and up vote this feedback.