Deleting a Team Member & Project Member


I recently deleted a member of a project and added a new person to those assignments. Asana some how is still emailing the deleted person. She does not show up so I can’t delete her again. I also can’t get her off the Team. Anyone now how to fix either of these issues? I tried Asana but they are refusing to help me and told me this was my only option to get an answer (disappointing costumer service!)

How do i delete a team member?

Hi @Amanda_Jamison- I’m a Success Manager here at Asana and am happy to help on this. When you remove someone from a project, it only takes them off updates to that specific project while they still might belong to the Team or the Organization. This might be why the person is still receiving emails.

If you want to remove someone from the entire Asana space, you will need to remove them from the organization. You can see how to do that here:

If you want to keep them in the organization, but no longer want them in a specific team, you can see how to remove them from one specific team here:

Does that help?

How do i delete a team member?

Hello Kaitie –

Thanks for the emailing. I’ve removed her from both the project and the team but somehow she’s still getting email notifications. Is there a glitch that you could fix on the back end?

Thank you,

Amanda Jamison


Hi, I am having the same problem as Amanda. I revoked access to this person months ago and he doesn’t show up in any view of my Org but he just emailed me saying he’s still getting emails. What can I do? Screen shot of the email he sent me.


Hi @Amanda_Jamison & @J_Scavo -

Is it possible that the task is a recurring task ( Whenever the task gets completed, a brand new copy - with the same followers/assignees - will be copied over as well.

If the person has been removed from the project and team, they could still be a member of the organization as well as a follower of the recurring task!

Hope this helps!


I’m having a similar issue where a deleted person (from a project) can still see the team (that they were never a member of) listed in their side-bar. At least they no longer have access to the projects. I hope they don’t receive email notifications. Does it take some time to cache or something like that? Otherwise, I suspect its a bug. I don’t have any recurring tasks set up.


Unfortunately, the Asana team was never able to help me figure it out : ( what the problem was. I was really disappointed with their customer service. I tried removing her from the project, the team, I deleted the entire project task (100’s of things) and redid it all, didn’t include her and she still somehow was getting emails/updates. In the end, she ended up removing herself completely from the entire Asana program and will no longer use it. It was very frustrating.


Hi Amanda,

We’re very sorry to hear this and would like to improve your support experience in the future. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have additional questions or concerns.

Alexis (Community Manager)


Hi Alexis,
I am having the same/similar problem but I cannot delete team members as I cannot find them. The screen says we have 15 members (and therefore need to upgrade our service) but there are only our current 10 members listed. I only want 10 members, not 15, but the program is telling me we have 15 members and therefore need to increase our subscription.


Hi @Katie_Gegg! I’m sorry to hear you’re having these issues. I recommend that you reach out to our support team for more customized support on this issue. They’ll be happy to help! You can find them at


How do i delete a team member?


Hi @GaryKrane and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3: We have a very similar thread on the Forum so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post; hope that’s ok! I’d recommend checking out this solution from my colleague @Kaitie!