How to remove a team member but keep projects associated with them

My team (on a paid plan) needs to keep a historical record of which team members owned project tasks, even after they’ve leave the organization. From what I’ve seen, when you remove a member from a team or a project, all records of their name are removed. We don’t want that. Is there a way to keep those completed tasks associated with the team member, but also ensure that team member is no longer able to access projects or participate in teams?

Hi, @Francesco_Vella
I understand your request.
In that case, it seems that the following will be the situation. Can you confirm?
“The person assigned to tasks or collaborators can be removed from the project or team, but they will still be displayed as is.”
(In my environment, it appears as described above.)

That’s correct. In my environment, when someone leaves the team and we deactivate their account or remove them from the team, any tasks they disappear from any tasks they previously completed, so we have no record of them ever having completed them. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, Asana suggests reassigning those tasks to an active team member, but that destroys our historical record and honestly makes no sense to me.