Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

Is anything happening about this? I really need this feature!

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2 year+ thread! Please implement this feature!

We have searched every where and can’t figure out how to add a recurring project or task for a specific DAY (not date)

For example: we host monthly networking events and each chapter has a recurring event each month (2nd Wednesdays, 3rd Thursdays, etc.) We can’t select to repeat every 4 weeks because some months have 5 weeks and it throws off the whole calendar.

Another example: Labor Days is always the 1st Monday of September.

This should be easy to add. We can create these types of recurring events in our computer calendars and our gmail calendars.

Please add this option! It’s a huge hassle to have to individually create the projects/tasks one at a time instead of being able to use the recurring task feature.


Welcome to the Forum @Jamie_Gates_B3 :wave:and thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for providing some context to explain how this would be so useful for you and your Team!

There is an existing thread requesting this same functionality so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post within this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope it’s OK!

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Some of our regular meetings, for example, take place on the first Tuesday of the month. Unfortunately, we cannot create recurring tasks in Asana for these meetings that are reliably due on the right day.

This is one of the top features missing from Asana and the only thing preventing me from migrating over completely from my other task management software.

While this area is being reviewed, the ability to end a repeat task “After X times” or “On a specific end date” would be useful (and something available in my other task management software).

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Add in a recurrence option for the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/last Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun of each Month/Quarter/Year.

The workaround would be to recur on the first day and then manually reassign to the correct due date. That involves a few more clicks though.

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Jumping in to let you know there is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged it to avoid duplications. I hope It’s OK.

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It also bypasses the point of having a task management system that automatically raises tasks to be done at the right date! Should we add another recurring Asana task telling us to go through all the tasks which have the wrong date and manually correct them?!

I think it’s quite shocking that Asana is adding all kinds of glossy updates (some of which are steps backward, like the new list view) while not developing this very basic feature of every other task/project management system I have ever come across.

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Yes PLEASE. This would be huge.

I would also love it if all recurring tasks showed up at the same time, not just after I have completed the current task. I understand that this might be overwhelming and unsightly for some users, but I would find it really helpful. I would love to be able to look ahead to December (our busy month), and see “oh no, our retail inventory is scheduled for the same week as a big event, I will have to move the retail inventory up a week instead.”

Remember The Milk offers great flexibility that could provide a basis for design:

Repeats: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/AfterCompletion
Every: [e.g. 1] month(s)
On: Day [e.g. 7] OR The [last/first/second/third/fourth] [Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun/Day/Weekday/Weekend day]
Ends: Never OR After [e.g. 12] times OR On [Date]


Here’s another thread requesting the same feature: Repeating task - support for day of week in monthly recurring

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+1 Please add this! I had another thread requesting this, but it was not as popular as this one, so I’m adding my vote here too.


Come on, Asana! Please get this done!! Seriously, it would be very helpful.


Agreed. This is a feature that is available in Google Calendar and seems like it would be fairly easy to implement given all of the examples out there in other task management systems. Would be a huge help since some tasks can only be done on certain days of the week / weekend.

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I can’t believe that a product as robust as Asana does not provide this functionality. This has to be a simple implementation on the back-end?

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Another feature to add are tasks that take place specific days of the week and other days the next week. In my project, we have a task that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays one week but on Mondays and Wednesdays the week after.

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Hi there! I’d also like to vote to please add this feature. We have a recurring task that is the first Monday of each month, but again as everybody notes here, there is no option for that. If this has been resolved and I’m just not aware of it, please let me know! (Or if there’s a work-around.) Thank you!


Is there any update on this feature request? We REALLY need this function as where I have a reoccuring task every month, it might end up on a weekend and not a weekday.

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