Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day



Agreed, this was the first thing I was looking for and it’s still not there after over one year. Or did I just miss it?



Adding another vote for this. This would be super useful in my task management!


Agreed, with the options Sarah_V suggests.

We are an accounting team and need this if we were to migrate over the ‘task’ of month end close.

I.e. a recurring task on the first business day of month XX, followed by a recurring task on the second business day of month etc.

Currently the available options are not sufficient (namely to repeat on a specific day each month, as this could fall on a non-business day).


+1 for me too


+1 Here.


Yes. Please add this.


I would also really appreciate this feature.

Asana team: Is there any update on this? Is this something that is being developed, or not yet being looked into?

Everyone else: What are some current work arounds that you use?


Very interested in this too


Same here!


Please add this feature, Asana!


Couldn’t agree more with the comments above. Business 101 and an extremely important feature, that seems like an easy addition (fingers crossed).

This shows up throughout the message board on multiple feedback strings, so hopefully this gets traction soon.



Another vote for this feature. I do many tasks on a certain day of the month not date. Please add this feature.


If I could vote multiple times for this I would.


Another vote for this. I’m not sure how it’s possible that this has been requested this many times over two years and it’s still not possible to do it.


+1 on this feature.


There seem to be 2 threads on this one but I vote yes, please ASANA, make it happen!


I just discovered the inability to schedule a task on the ___th day of the month. This is a major missing feature. Please add!