Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day



Please add this feature!


Is there any update on the certain day/week of month and not actual day. For example the 1st Monday of the Month or 2nd Wednesday of the month?


I agree that this feature is needed and would be quite helpful with my clients!


Yes please! It’s so annoying when tasks occur on the weekend for my weekday job. It really messes with reminders and makes the calendar completely useless to me.


Has this been addressed yet? I just signed up specifically for social media management. If I can not assign the day of the week this calendar and program is useless to me.


Agree. Current function limit makes this currently an impractical tool. To acheive the first Monday of the month we have to create individual tasks and change the date for each. A real pain!


Another +1 on the pile.


Would also love more repeat data customization.

I addition to “last day” of the month, I would really appreciate “last weekday” of the month.


This would really be useful. It seems to be a common omission in a few other tools I’ve tried - I’m guessing it’s awkward to implement but surely not beyond the Asana team’s ability :slight_smile: Basically I want to have the same options that Outlook has.


+1 please add this!


I really need this feature as well - I have a post due every Wednesday, but on only 4 times in the month - no matter what I do, the months that have 5 Wednesdays either create an extra task or, if I make 4 separate weekly tasks, throw my “first week, second week, third week…” schedule totally off. There is no work around for this that I can find - if anyone knows of one, until we can get the feature - I’d be grateful!


I need this feature! For monthly meetings that occur on the 2nd Thursday of the month, I use recurring tasks for standing agenda items. However, since the next meeting is not always exactly 30 days later, I have to manually change the due dates.


Yes, also “every X days”


I vote for this feature too


c’mon asana. why so many basic feature failures and missing functionalities? get it together!


I’m also incredibly interested in this. Looking for a work around as well.


Another vote from me!


I’d like to vote this up


I definitely want to have recurring tasks based on the recurring day of the month rather than date-based.

Thank you.


Not having this is a serious handicap. This is a no-brainer.