Recurring tasks duplicating

We have recurring tasks, where 1 task is on several projects boards. Every time we complete the task, it duplicates it, which is good, however it’s duplicating it 3 times. The task is on multiple project boards, so it’s almost like it’s duplicating it on every project individually, rather than duplicating once onto all projects. How do i fix this?

I tried your scenario - with a single recurring Task “homed” into 3 Projects. What I found is that if the Task is completed anywhere it exists, i.e. in any of the 3 projects where it resides, that completion is reflected in all 3 places. A new instance of the recurring Task is generated and like its forebear, it also exists in all 3 places.

This is the behavior I expect. Is this what you’re seeing? If so, I believe that behavior is correct.

If you want something different - e.g. a Task completion in one Project not to be reflected elsewhere - then you would need to not multi-home that Task. A multi-homed Task is the exact same, unitary Task every place it resides.

If you have an activity that you want to happen - e.g. a weekly recurring task for Dec - Mar of “Shovel snow from driveway”, and you want it to happen to houses at “123 Elm St Project”, “234 Main St Project”, “345 Oak St Project” - then you should create a separate, templated “Shovel…” Task for each project. That way, shoveling 123 Elm still leaves the other houses uncompleted.

This is not what I’m seeing. Here’s what is happening on my end:

1 recurring task lives on Project A, Project B & Project C. Once marked complete on all three projects, it’s duplicating it 3 times:

Project A
Same recurring task

Same recurring task

Same recurring task

Project B

Same recurring task

Same recurring task

Same recurring task

Project C

Same recurring task

Same recurring task

Same recurring task

It would be most helpful if you could share screenshots, as they would remove ambiguity in understanding what is going on.

Please note that if the weekly recurring Task “Shovel snow…” is “multi-homed” so it resides in three Projects, a completion of this week’s Task instance in ANY of the three Projects will result in the recurring Task showing complete in ALL of the Projects.

If a Task is “multi-homed”, completion in ANY of its “homes” instantly equates to completion in ALL of its “homes”. So if you go to each “home” and do a completion, then each “home” will have 3 completions. Only “multi-home” a Task if that is the behavior you want.

If you want each recurring Task to be completed separately in each of these 3 Projects, then do not multi-home it.

Thanks for the screenshots. Is the Outstanding view from somebody’s My Tasks? If so, it would be great to see the Project column enabled.

Can you clarify:

(1) A single click of the Completed button (in one and only one of the Projects) results in 3 new Tasks, one in each Project, and those 3 new Tasks are NOT the same? I.e. do they have the same or different Task IDs?

(2) Does any of the Projects have a rule running that could result in duplication?

(3) Are there any Subtasks involved?

The outstanding view is from an individual project board. All of our project boards have 3 columns: Outstanding, In Progress & Complete

  1. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. I don’t know how to find the task ID. Let me try to explain a different way:
    –Task 1 is ‘homed’ on Project 1, Project 2 & Project 3

–When Task 1 is labeled ‘complete’ using a custom field, we have a rule set up to to ‘mark complete’
–Task 1 is now marked complete and reflected on Project 1, Project 2 & Project 3
–Once marked complete, the recurring task duplicates (this is OK)
–However, it duplicates 3 times. Now I have (1) Task 1 homed’ on Project 1, Project 2 & Project 3, (2) Task 1 homed’ on Project 1, Project 2 & Project 3, and (3) Task 1 homed’ on Project 1, Project 2 & Project 3

  1. They all have a rules based off custom fields. Ex: If the custom field on 1 project is set to ‘complete,’ then it triggers the task moving to the Complete column on all projects & being marked as complete

  2. No subtasks

So, all Projects in question have a Rule that uses a custom field entry to mark the Task complete? That would appear to be running in 3 places per single custom field entry and resulting in 3 occurrences. You could test this by disabling that Rule in two of the Projects. I think that will solve the problem. Good luck!

I will try that - thanks!

I just signed up with Asana a few days ago. I have set a recurring task to follow up with team members every 3 days until the task is complete. When I click on the task completed, it opens another task for the same project instead of changing the date to the next follow-up. Is this a glitch? It is confusing to have multiple tasks for the same projects

@Michael_Skoff Your issue may not be the same, so I would recommend you start a new thread. You’ll get the best advice if you show your task structure, and also any rules you have operating in the affected Project(s). Also please clarify, best with screenshots, annotated as necessary, as to what you expect to have happen and also what actually happens.

@Hanna_Allred Any luck with this?

Yes! I removed the rule on 2/3 projects to not mark complete. It’s not a perfect solution, as ideally, I do need that rule on those pages, but it did ‘solve’ as you suggested

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