Duplication of tasks

When we complete a task it duplicates it at the same time which is getting us somewhat confused. Please can you explain why this is happening and what we should be doing?
Many thanks

Hello @Karen_Gascoigne, welcome to Asana Forum,
Could you please check recurrency settings on this tasks:

Maybe you could send printscreen?


Hi @Karen_Gascoigne, thanks for reaching out!

+1 to what @Charlie_Pilch mentioned! My hunch is that the task is set to repeat and for this reason is automatically duplicated once marked complete. This is an example task that is set to repeat:

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 17.49.02

Thank you both. They are set to repeat on in the future, but we then get two of the same task appearing when we’ve completed it. I’ll try and send a screen shot the next time it happens. x