Recurring tasks and sub-tasks

I’m trying to get recurring tasks to show up. It seems there are two options.

  1. Don’t set a final end date. This will make the task show up on its start date.
  2. Set a final end date. This will make the sub-task show up as a bar on your calendar and timeline EVERY DAY until the end date.
    The same issue exists for sub-tasks.
    Is there any way to get a task or sub-task to show up just one ONE day?


I am a bit confused by your conclusions because for me setting a date on a task does not make the subtasks show up.

Can you rewrite your post by saying what calendar and timeline you are referring to (My Tasks has a calendar view but no timeline, subtasks don’t show up in Timeline or Calendar in projects) as well as where you set the due date (main task or subtasks?).


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Hi Bastien, than you for your reply! I think I’ve miscommunicated the issue.

The problem is when I set a recurring task (1) with a start date, the task shows up as a bar across every day in the Timeline view and the Calendar view. In the Board and List view it shows up with just the last date. I would prefer it to show up with the next date it recurs.

When I set a recurring task (2) without a start date, the task only shows up on the end date. There’s no bar or anything to indicate that I should be working on before the end date.

The same thing happens with sub-tasks.

Still having this issue. Is there any solution?

Unfortunately this has been a longstanding issue, I’ve seen forums going back to 2017 on this same issue. It is very surprising and embarrassing that Asana hasn’t dealt with this yet.