Recurring due dates


I have a need for creating recurring tasks that occur every 15 days. It is not a specific day or date of the month, simply every 15 days.

I can create a task that occurs either bi weekly or every 15 days where the recurring task will generate 15 days upon completion of the previous task. I do however need to be able to have the recurring task create 15 days after the initial task was due irrespective of when I complete the initial task.

Is that possible?

Hi @Line_Winther!

As it stands, it is not possible to have the next task generated 15 days later. When completing a recurring task, the new task is automatically generated right away; although in your case its due date will be 15 days later, so you can simply move it to the “Later” section. In fact we have a “Hack” allowing you to automatically move recurring tasks to the Later section, have a look at this handy article to check how you can enable it!

As you’ll get closer to the due date, your task will automatically move to the “Upcoming” and eventually “Later” section.

Hope this helps @Line_Winther! Have a great day!

Thanks Marie for you assistance.
Although it would have been nice to have the option to create the recurring tasks with 15 days interval instead of 15 days after completion.
Nice to know about the Hack for moving recurring tasks, this does make life a bit easier.

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