Repeat tasks showing up before date?


I have some tasks set to repeat weekly. Upon completing the task for this week, the task then auto-renews and shows up NEXT weeks (8th of august) task in my current view.

Is there a way to make it so the task for next week, will only show up next week? Having a repeat weekly task is pretty pointless if it renews instantly…



Hi Paul,

Did you try this:
Go to your profile settings and activate recurring tasks in later:



That gets them off ‘my tasks’, but they still show up early on my boards (which is the part I am more bothered about).


I had exactly this same problem today.

I set a task to repeat every 6 months for daylight savings change (to reprogram our PABX handset display time). After closing the task it spawned a new task with a due date of 6 months away. I wouldn’t be interested in this task at all until then.

To make the issue worse, the person working on the task thought it wasn’t completing, and ticked it 3 or 4 times before giving up. Everyone in the project got notified :stuck_out_tongue: Since the due date was now 2019 I ended up deleting the task since it was making more problems than it solved.

So yes, a recurring task that only gets created at a specified time before the due date would be very handy. Sort of more like a calendar reminder but one requiring an activity. Other examples I can think are would be for payments of yearly software renewals, server patching reminders, and so on.