When a recurring task is completed - two new (identical) recurring tasks are made for the same next due date

When I click the checkbox to complete a recurring task, TWO new, identical recurring tasks are created for the same next due date.

For example: Task --> Print annual program booklet. Due 6/11/18

I click complete and then on my task list it says:

Print annual program booklet. Due 6/11/19
Print annual program booklet. Due 6/11/19

(This happens everytime I complete a recurring task - what am I doing wrong?)


Thanks for posting, @Katie_Fitzpatrick. This is not the intended behavior of recurring tasks, and I’d be happy to help dig into this further to determine what might be happening. A couple questions to start:

  • Do you have any subtasks set up on the recurring task?
  • Is the recurrence always annual when this happens, or does it happen for all types of recurrences?

I believe it is only annual recurrences. Also, they all seem to be subtasks that end up duplicating.

For example, when I completed each subtask (various due dates) for a parent task (due 6/5/18) - I clicked complete on each subtask. Then when the whole parent task was finished, I clicked complete on the parent task. As expected, a new parent task was created for a due date of 6/5/2019…

However, the subtasks are there twice now - and additionally, another parent task was created with a due date of 6/5/2020

This might explain why there are duplicate items on my “My Tasks” list - but wouldn’t they have different due dates? ie. 2019 and 2020? I actually end up with multiple subtasks all with the same due date - 6/5/2019 (even in the subtasks of the 2020 parent task)

Thanks for your help!

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I am definitely having the same problem. Only difference is that previous completed tasks are continuing to pop up after as incomplete.

I have the same problem as well. Has anyone figured out a solution?

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I have this problem on one of my tasks. It is set to recur after 2 days, but no matter how many time I close it, I will always show 2 occurrences open - identical - both due 2 days out. This does not occur on all recurring tasks, but I have noticed it before, and I don’t see a pattern as to what task details may be linked to this.

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Having the same issue! Following thrrad