recurring tasks don't show up after completion

When I make a repeating task and I complete it, the task isn’t showing up on the next repeating moment. What should I do to make it a real recurring task?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Martin_Epe, here are the steps to create a recurring task. Once you mark the first task complete, the second task will automatically be created with the following due date (please note this can take a few seconds based on how complex is your recurring task. If you’re not seeing this task, try and follow the advice below:

  • Make sure your project view is set to all tasks or incomplete tasks
  • If the task is assigned to you and you have enabled the “recurring tasks in Later section”, make sure to check your My Tasks Later section
  • Use the search bar to type the name of your task, you should be able to find the next re-occurrence there

If this doesn’t help, please reach out to our support team with the following info:

  • URL of your fist recurring tasks
  • Screenshot of your project/My Tasks

This should help them investigate this issue and identify your new recurring task!

Looks like it’s working now. Thanks for your answer.

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