Recovered Project Not Restoring Tasks to their Column Slot In Kanban

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One of our project guests accidentally deleted two projects from one of our Teams. We were able to restore the project, but none of the tasks returned to their original state. We have hundreds of tasks in those projects, and it’s a nightmare trying to get all that back in place.

Shouldn’t restoration of the project has also put the kanban tasks back in their columns? This didn’t happen. Can any one help us figure out how to restore those tasks back to their original place?

Also, are there any permission settings that we can apply to the users so that doesn’t happen again?

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How did you restore exactly? Contacted the support?

The only permission I can see is to have “Comment only” for others on the project. Otherwise, no way to prevent deletion…

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Hi @Gene_Mendez,

it’s hard to help you without seeing the project itself and knowing exactly what steps you took to recover it. But our support team (How to contact our Support Team ✉) should be able to take a look into these projects for you and recover them in full. Just make sure to share the name of these projects as well as the team they’re located in :slight_smile:

Hi @Gene_Mendez!
I hope your issue was resolved. Meantime we at Rewind are building automated Asana backup. If needed, you’ll be able to restore your Asana account, including boards, tasks, columns to any point in time.

I’ll be happy to hear more about your needs when it comes to Asana back up and give you early access. Please contact me at maria.korolenko[at]rewind. io