Re-implement snooze Inbox feature

Hi all,

I noticed that one of my favorite features “snoozing my inbox” has been removed. I see that there are many new ways of dealing with notifications but none of these giving me the ability to snooze my inbox, which is crucial for me, since I work in Asana all day long, to do focused work.

Support just told me that this feature is not available anymore and not coming back any time soon.

I sincerely hope that i’m not the only one who really want this feature back.

Stay safe everyone!

Greetings from Amsterdam.

Greetings from Dublin :ireland: @Erwin_van_Dijk and welcome to our Community!

We recently launched a new Do not Disturb feature in Asana, and for technical reasons we had to remove the “Snooze Inbox” feature. We’ve received similar feedback in the announcement post linked above, so thank you so much for creating this #productfeedback thread. This will help us collect feedback and report to our Product Team to take on board for future iterations.

We will update this thread as soon as we have some updates on our end, but in the meantime, I would recommend keeping your sidebar closed when you don’t need it, it won’t totally solve your issue since the dot will still appear in your browser’s tab, but it will help reduce visual noise. Remember you can easily open/close your sidebar using the “TAB+O” shortcut.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Marie,

Thanks for the workaround to close the sidebar. This will help me in the next few weeks.

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The snooze function was way more convenient than the do not disturb button. It was just one click away…

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Also, the do not disturb function only lets you pause browser notifications (which you can deactivate anyway via your browser) and not the inbox channel.
Please guys, reactivate the snooze button :pray: :pray: :pray: Its the best thing in order for me to being focused.

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Totally agree! Set back the snooze feature.

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I agree too. The snooze feature is very important to try and stay focused.


I think it’s back!!!

@Natalia_Homa_Poursar Can you tell me where you found this?

I cannot find it.

Hi folks :wave:t3:

@Natalia_Homa_Poursar is not entirely wrong here, but I’m happy to shed some lights on this update. We haven’t re-implemented the Snooze feature as you knew it, but we have integrated it with the Do not Disturb feature! Here is how it works: when you enable the Do Not Disturb feature, the orange dot in your Asana sidebar and the dot on your browser tab will not appear anymore, but you will still be able to see your latest updates if you decide to navigate to your Inbox.

For more details on the latest update, check out the latest update I’ve posted on 🔕 Introducing Do Not Disturb in Asana - #14 and do not hesitate to post any questions you may have in #tipsandtricks.

Marking this feedback resolved :white_check_mark: