Feature Request: Notification Quiet Times

I would like to see a Notifications Quiet Times feature added to Asana. This has been suggested before and didn’t get traction. I’m hoping this one will get traction because this feature is greatly needed.

Specifically, I would like to see the ability to set working hours, per user, where notifications are sent via email and/or push notification. Outside of those hours, notifications go to the Inbox only. The feature should also honor vacation/away schedules.

Many of our users (myself included) shy away from using Asana at night or on weekends for fear of unnecessarily bothering their teammates with notifications. Adding “Quiet times” would eliminate this and make us more productive Asana users.

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I second this feature request! I also have trouble using Asana at night or outside of work hours because I don’t want to bother coworkers.

I used to use Basecamp, which had the feature to set notifications only during certain hours. This was very helpful.

Can you let us know the status of this request?

We agree and would like to see both working hours and vacation sleep capability implemented in Asana. Is this on the product roadmap?

It would be very helpful to have a way to not get emails on the weekend. I have to delete a bunch of daily summaries every Monday morning, which while not overly time-consuming one time, does get increasingly more frustrating when this is a standard option in your competitor (Flow App).

Reading through the other Product Feedback posts, there are many other issues with weekend notifications, vacation notifications, and lack of quiet hours. This was a huge reason I walked away from Asana several years ago. Hoping the positive changes you’ve made since then outweigh some of the pain-points that linger, which your competitors have jumped on to fix.

Thanks for your feedback @Sarah_Halstead and welcome to the Community Forum! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Feature Request: Notification Quiet Times as your request are very similar/aligned; hope that’s ok! Again thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

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I find the daily email updates with tasks to be quite useful, as I am new to Asana and they’re a helpful way to integrate Asana into the systems I’m already used to.

However I don’t need update emails over the weekend when I’m not working and they just clutter up my inbox. Wish there was a way to turn them off!

Thanks for the feedback @Sam_Bernstein1; we already have a trhead on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread. Since votes don’t carry over when threads are merged, I’d recommend adding your vote to this main thread.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

I agree completely that there needs to be a way to adjust the quiet times. I have had to resort to turning push notifications off on my Android, because otherwise my wife and I get awakened early in the morning by some stupid “task due today” notification. I don’t even see a way to adjust what time in the day these task notifications occur. So some programmer just randomly decided early morning was the way to go? Weird…

Just wanted to add my agreement this is desperately needed, I find it embarrassing my clients would get push email notifications in the middle of the night. Just getting into my freelance business and this is definitely a feature that would cause me to switch project management systems. My other thread I started-
“I am frequently working on Projects, assigning tasks, etc. at all hours of the day or weekends, is there a way to delay when my client/team member gets a notification email until morning at 9am for example? Can I go in to a client’s account and adjust their settings if they aren’t tech savvy? Thanks!”

Agree. Just started using Asana and really surprised this isn’t a feature. A good example is outlook or MSTeams for iOS which has quiet hours and weekends

Isn’t this already a feature? There are ‘do not disturb hours’ and days off in your profile settings.

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You are right, @Justine_D! Moving this thread to our #productfeedback:features-launched category :slight_smile: Thanks!

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