Feature request: Do not disturb

Very often I am trying to focus on a single task, I am constantly switching to Asana task for details, commenting etc. While focused, the orange notification dot above Inbox appears and seduces me to check on it, even though I’d rather finish the task and after that.

I have the same problem with Gmail (1) number in the tab name. For this, there is a product called Inbox When Ready, which suppresses the notification.

Could there be a simple option to turn off the orange dot, either for an hour, or until turning off? I know I can hack this by some Chrome extension, but this would benefit everyone - as long as Asana is a productivity tool, this is a feature missing. Even Messenger and WhatsApp has this option to turn off notification on a chat.

Hi Marek,
seems easy to make you happy :slight_smile:
Go to your settings (by clicking on your “profile pic” on the top right corner) and then follow my screenshot.
In your Inbox itself, you can snooze notifications for as many hours as you want.

Awesome, thanks. Apparently my googling skills need some improvement. :smile:

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Hi folks :wave:t3:

Closing this thread out as we’ve just launched a Do Not Disturb feature :tada: You can find out more in the following post: 🔕 Introducing Do Not Disturb in Asana!