remove the yellow circle next to inbox

I am very easily distracted, so for myself I need to avoid all types of distractions to stay in a work flow. My inbox in ASANA, just as I do for my email, I only wish to check them once or twice a day. however, when I see the yellow dot while working in ASANA, I need to force myself NOT to look into my inbox. For me this is loss of energy and efford.

Can you please add a switch so I can turn this off?


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Pieter5 :wave:

The solution is to disable notifications for specific periods then the yellow circle won’t show.
You can do so in your profile settings.

Either pause notifications for a specific period or schedule a specific time or specific days off.

Then the inbox will display a sleep icon

Additionally, if you are using the Asana desktop app, it is easier accessible from the snooze button in the upper right corner:

Similarly, on the mobile app from the Account button on the lower right, then scroll down to Notifications.

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