Add a snooze action for inbox items to temporarily hide some items from inbox

My original post was moved to the “Tips and Tricks” section of the forum, and because of that, cannot be voted on. I am reposting this as a feature request again:

I would love to be able to snooze inbox items for later similarly to how I can snooze emails in Gmail.

By snooze, I mean temporarily hide the item from inbox (or move to a separate section called “Snoozed”). When I’m snoozing an item, I should be able to choose the date and time when I want to see it again, with few suggestions (later today, tomorrow, next week) just like in Gmail.

On desktop, this could be a button next to the archive button. On mobile, this could be one of the swipe actions.

Hi @benkula welcome back to the forum. I have added my vote as this would be useful. Couple of things I do now is use the bookmark function and I create a follow up task from the inbox to remind me to find it again

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