Make 'Inbox snooze' button more visible

Can the ‘pause notifications’ (or inbox snooze) button be made more visible again? We used to access this directly from the inbox, but now we have to go to the notifications tab in profile, which is really too many clicks for such a simple thing.

This feature is brilliant when you want to get a bunch of focused work done because:

  1. obviously, it minimises distractions
  2. it lets your team know you’re busy and not just ignoring their notifications for fun.

Unfortunately it’s just not visible enough and is too hard to find.
(Unless I’m missing something super obvious?)

Hi @ceturley, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

I’ve gone ahead and updated your title slightly to avoid any confusion - I hope you don’t mind!

Hopefully this is a change our Product team can make in the future. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile: