Add a snooze action for inbox items

I would love to be able to snooze inbox items for later similarly to how I can snooze emails in Gmail.

By snooze, I mean temporarily hide the item from inbox (or move to a separate section called “Snoozed”). When I’m snoozing an item, I should be able to choose the date and time when I want to see it again, with few suggestions (later today, tomorrow, next week) just like in Gmail.

On desktop, this could be a button next to the archive button. On mobile, this could be one of the swipe actions.

HI @Ben_Kula1

You can pause notifications in your settings. Won’t hide items from inbox, but you can definitely not look at your inbox during that time.


If you’re looking for this feature so that you can be reminded about something that you can’t get to right now but want to clean out your inbox, I would just utilize the create follow up task functionality. It will create a task assigned to you that is just “follow up on ____” and you can set the due date for when it will appear in “today” on your My Tasks.

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My issue isn’t that I don’t want to see my inbox. My issue is that my inbox sometimes gets overwhelmed by items (comments, messages, etc) that I don’t need/want to reply to immediately. These items distract me from focusing on the items that I do need to review & reply to immediately. When I have hundreds of items in my inbox, it is hard to get organized and see which items should I focus on today and which ones can wait. I end up scrolling thru the inbox multiple times and selecting the most urgent items to reply to. This is time-consuming.

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The follow-up task feature is helpful, but it’s not perfect in all situations. For example, if a task has 100 comments under it, and I only have the last 3 comments in my inbox (because I previously archived the other 97 comments), I know that I need to review & potentially reply to only the last 3 comments. If I archive these 3 comments in my inbox and create a follow-up task, I will not know how many comments to review on the due date of the follow-up task. I will have to look back at the comment history and try to remember where I left off.

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I see what you’re trying to do, but it seems you’re workflow is off.

  • You can filter the inbox
  • You can change the settings based on projects
  • You can set reminders
  • You can use custom searches

If you have 100 comments under a task that need to be “reviewed” maybe you guys arent using asana to its full potential.

At the End of the day my Inbox is clean and reviews are done with tasks not comments.

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