Enable/disable inbox snooze



The inbox snooze hack is nice, but dangerous. I’d like a confirmation box - I accidentally clicked snooze and I was dead in the water for an hour. I can’t be the first person this has happened to! Seems like an easy change to save a lot of frustration.


Or Undo. A confirmation message will slow you down when you really do want to snooze, until you get used to it. Then, once you’re used to hitting OK all the time, you’ll find the confirmation box no longer prevents you from accidental clicks.

Undo, or in this case, unsnooze, is much better.


@Kivi_Shapiro I’d be fine with this approach, too! Whatever allows me to not get stuck in a world where my inbox is disabled for 1+ hours.


Every time i click the snooze button it pushes the time further out…how to you undo snooze and reset it back to current? I have to disable it completely because i can’t seem to reset it.


i have the same issue. Is there no reset buto (disable / enable)?


No. At this time, you just have to wait. The idea is that you force yourself to take a break. Which is fine, unless you hit it by accident.


Oh boy. I was just about to post when i saw yours. I kept hitting snooze to see if it would UNDO at some point… now i’m snoozed until tomorrow at 8 am.

Asana support, PLEASEEEEEEE make my mistakes undo-able!!! I need to un-snooze!


You can deactivate the Snooze hack to regain control of your inbox instantly.
Then, when the timer has ended, you can reactivate the hack. :slight_smile:




I don’t agree that the point of it is to force yourself to take a break. That may be somebodies idea of the point of it, but technically that is not what it does, so it should be up to the user of the feature to decide what the point of it is to them. The point of it for me is to not see notifications for a specific period of time. It is not to force me to not be able to see notifications if something important enough comes up, it is to prevent me from becoming distracted by notifications when I’m not trying to see them. Ideally, if even while the snooze is activated, if I explicitly go to my inbox, I should see all new notifications. This just prevents the distracting dot from telling me about them.

I think there should be a reset / undo / cancel button to undo the snooze when needed. Part of the reason that is needed is the amount of time you can snooze for is not very granular. You can only do it in hour increments. Lately, whenever I go into focus mode, I do it for 1 hour and 30 minutes. At the end of that time I want to see any notifications I may have missed. Having them come on before that time is up or during my next focused work section would be very distracting.

I don’t buy the excuse that this is just a hack feature and therefore “if” it becomes a supported feature they might add more options for it. I mean, the hacks are supposed to be experiments, not excuses to keep features forever half backed. How long does it take to conduct an experiment anyway? Can’t they tell by now if they want this to be a “real” feature or not? There is a risk with letting these hack experiments linger on too long. The users of them can come to rely on them and feel they are part of their main Asana experience. Then if they decide to take it away later, those users will be rally upset. This experiment has already gone on too long. It is either time to get rid of it or fully support it. Personally I would be extremely upset if the feature was to go away. I think the the experiment is a huge success, at least for me.