Question about new members in the team

Hi! I just added a team member to a project but he still haven’t accepted the invitation. At the same time I was adding new tasks and due dates to them. If this person is not still in the team, he’s not receiving new emails for every task I add, right?

Hi @Fernando_Omede! We’ve looked into your question and yes, the team member will be receiving emails even if they haven’t accepted the invitation. We’d be happy to send them a new verification email so they’re reminded to accept. Please send me a private message with the email of your colleague and we’ll be happy to send a new verification email. Thanks!


Hello Alexis,

I’m trying to get a new team to work on ASANA but looks like one member is not getting the invitation. Is there an alternative way he can join? I tried removing him from the team and adding back but he is not getting the invitation.

thank you

Hi @Juan_M_Gabarron - Looks like this may be an account specific issue. We want to keep your info private, so I encourage you to write to our support team directly and they’ll be happy to help! You can reach them at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana.

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Alexis is absolutely right!

The user operations team is standing by for your support request. Just be sure to provide the name of your colleague and the space you invited them to and we’d be happy to provide the direct link that will help them get set up in under a minute!

What about removing defunct users? Have emailed 3x times, but no response.

Hey @aideen_kirby

I can understand the confusion here, but to clarify, this thread addresses a different question. In the future, could you create a new thread to address your your question?

No worries though, allow me to include some helpful links to deprovision folks from any one of your spaces, simply click the corresponding link below: