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Hi, we would like to use Asana to track various HR efforts such as, for example, an employee obtaining their Green Card. Currently in Asana we have one Project Entitled “Green Card” and then each task under that project is an employee or candidate name. We then manually enter and track the tasks associated with this employee getting their approved GC (roughly 7 or so tasks). We want to track this activity where the project adjusts automatically based on task completion date. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to do this? We want to track the health of each employee’s request without having to do such much manual entry at the ‘task’ level including having to updated all subsequent task dates based on an ‘actual’ finish date of a task upstream.


Can you elaborate what that means? I don’t understand what you need exactly.

Are you talking about task due date linked to subtasks due dates?

HI Bastien,

What that means is that when we enter an actual completion date, would like the system to update all of the other tasks that are dependent on that task. So for example, we have a project with 7 sequential tasks which are all dependent on one another. So the first task was scheduled to take 2 weeks but in reality it only took one week. When we enter in the actual finish date of that task, would like to see system recalculate all dependent tasks to reflect the project is moved up one week.

In this example, we want to use Asana to track how we assist employee’s to get their Green Cards. If the first task is for the employee to fill out and submit form and 2nd task is that we review and submit, for example, if the employee fills out a week ahead of time then we can review sooner and submit sooner which moves the whole project timeline up.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @Dan_Tabbert, I don’t believe our due date auto-shift feature will be helpful here. However, if your employee fill up their form in 1 week instead of two, the assignee of the following task will receive a notification in their Inbox letting them know they can start working on their task earlier.

@Phil_Seeman, would Flowsana automatically update the due date of a dependent task if the parent task is completed earlier?

Yes, it will!

@Dan_Tabbert if you use the Dynamic Dependency workflow type in Flowsana (that’s a type of workflow where you define durations for each task in a template), then Flowsana will adjust dependent tasks exactly as you’re wanting. It will also optionally assign the dependent tasks to a user when their predecessor task is marked complete (thereby keeping tasks out of users’ My Tasks lists before they really belong there).

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In addition to what Marie said, I would add that you could have a rule saying that in case of a due date change, you notify the project manager with a comment so he/she can adjust the tasks manually in the timeline view for example.