How to Add Duration to Tasks


Hi - I just convinced my team to upgrade to premium so that I could use timeline to manage a book project we are undertaking. I am a former project manager now working in academics/non-profit and thought it’d be great to get our team on some kind of project management application. It’s great to be able to set task dependencies and visualize the timeline. But how do I get the project to “waterfall” like I did back in my MS Project days of long ago?

More details: We are hiring various writers to draft 40 chapters of a leadership book. Sure, the “due date” for first drafts is March 1. If someone comes in late, and I change their chapter’s deadline to March 15, does that waterfall the subsequent tasks? I assume no, since I cannot make the editing task for that chapter a fixed duration of two days.

Is there something I’m missing here? I thought the point of project management software was to show how changing one item in the project impacts the other parts. I can’t seem to do that with Asana Timeline.


Hi Ashley,

As you’ve discovered, Asana doesn’t have this functionality to automatically adjust dependent tasks.

You can shift due dates for multiple tasks at once; here’s an explanation of how to do that:

If you want true automatic adjustment - change a task’s due date and have its dependents all adjust accordingly - you might be interested in a new integration I’ve built, Flowsana, which does exactly that: