Project task list without sections

Hi All,

We use project tasks and have the sections to group them. However, as a PM I want to see the tasks in a list without have the sections visible. Any idea’s how I can do that e.g. the My tasks.

Thanks in advance.

HI @Niels_Oomen

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

  1. If you go to your home tab, you can add a widget that has all the tasks you have assigned to to others. This shows tasks name, assignee, due date, and project.

  2. You can do an advanced search and add any projects you manage. The results will show a list without sections.

My Tasks is a good function for the tasks you have to accomplish, but as a PM you manage other people, so it is not as practical in this case.

Hope this helps

Hi @Mike_Tammaro,

Thanks for your reply. It is for me as a PM I want to see the tasks for my projects. I looked into widgets, but that only shows: “Tasks I have assigned”, but for the project I manage I’m not the only one who assign tasks.

But the search function helps, because you can save the search (I was not aware of that). So, my question is answered

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In addition to saved search results as @Mike_Tammaro suggested…

It sounds like the tasks are in one project with multiple sections. To flatten and skip seeing sections, use the Sort menu to choose a desired sort, but also at the bottom of the sort menu, toggle off “Sort within sections” to get the result you’re looking for.


@lpb Thanks. That was, what I was looking for. How simple can it be.

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