Project Sharing settings don't save on mobile app

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A colleague asked for access to a private project. I changed the sharing settings using the mobile app, but it doesn’t save.

Every time I change the sharing settings to ‘make public to tea’, the project is shown as public to team in my mobile app but moments later, when she tried to access it, the settings seem to be changed back to private, making it still inaccessible to her.
Did I miss some save button? Or could it be a bug in the mobile app?

Steps to reproduce:
On mobile app:

  1. received request for access to a private project in MyTasks
  2. Open the private project
  3. Open project menu by tapping project title …
  4. Open settings with the three dots button and tap ‘make public to team …’
  5. leave screen > project is now shown as ‘public to team’
  6. refresh the page and the setting is set back to private…

Browser version:
I am using Asana Mobile app version 9.53.0 on IOS 16.4.1

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

Upload screenshots below:
I made a screencast reproducing the issue, but am unable to upload video format here. Find an upload of the screencast here: Monosnap

In the screencast you can see I get a request for access to a private project. I open the project go to the project settings and change the sharing settings by tapping ‘make public to team’, you can see that it changes on the screen but as soon as I refresh the project, the settings are set back to private.

Note: This problem does not seem to occur when changing a public project to private. Only when changing a private project to public.

Hi @AnneNynke, sorry to hear about this trouble. I could not replicate this issue using the same app version as you. To investigate this further, would you be so kind as to reinstall the app and check if the issue persists? If this doesn’t resolve the problem, can you please follow the steps on your mobile (convert the project to “public to team”) and then open the project in the web browser to check if it also shows the incorrect settings? Thank you!

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