Asana mobile version - doesn't update offline

If I’m in airplane mode or not connected to wifi or the cloud, the asana mobile off often does not show my Tasks for each project. the last updated version is gone. You have to wait to connect to see anything typically.

the app should keep the last updated set of tasks available till an update is possible.
It doesn’t.

Many people may be willing to wait till they can connect but that should be a standard feature of the mobile app. Gmail and many other apps lets you see offline what was the last loaded data and you can work with it. Then it updates when you reconnect. Asana doesn’t. I’m personally glad to pay for the Asana phone app Iif you charged) but because I’m often not connected for short times, it makes the mobile app often unusable. I think the mobile app - as a standalone would be a great to do and organizing app, not just a project mgmt app. .

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Hi @michael112, thank you for the feedback!

I tested on my iOS and Android apps, and it seems we can see the tasks in the recently opened views (My Tasks, Inbox, project, etc.).
This is probably not a satisfactory answer, but I’d recommend opening the view you would probably need before going offline.
Enabling background data (Android) / background app refresh (iOS) might help as well.

The app might not be able to save all of the data because that’d be too much if you are in many organizations/workspaces and have many projects/tasks.

Even if you save the view before going offline, after a period of time (a few days, a week) the app must refresh and it no longer shows any history, even the last download.

But I appreciate your trying. It’s just an odd behavior - since most apps keep the last data set and refresh when reconnecting. It makes it primarily unusable for functions that are needed. I can still use it but it in much more limited way.

Also adding a task offline if funky. It allows you to add a task if you are specifically in a project. The app won’t let you add to 2 or 3 projects. Only one. and only the one you choose. Example: I chose a project I wanted to add a task to (offline). there were no items listed. It did allow me to add an item and it noted pending. But with only one project it was assigned to, no option to assign a 2nd project for the same task.

It’ would not be hard to make it more offline friendly. I understand Asana may not care. I personally would pay for that mobile app version upgrade, even on a monthly basis. It would be the single best TODO app that I think exists. I haven’t seen any app coming close.

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