Project Roles as Collaborators in Template


My team currently uses a lot of templates, as well as project roles since our team is big. Because some of these templates are really big and certain projects take months to get completed, I want key people in separate tasks to get notified together.

I want to be able to add a project role as collaborator to a task for that. For example, I want to add “Accounting Manager” and “Sales Rep” as collaborators to a task.

Any ideas if I can accomplish that? I tried out, but doesn’t seem like it.

Thank you!



While you can’t do this with the Roles feature of project templates, you can workaround it.

Create a multi-select “Collaborators To Be” custom field in the template with values like Accounting Manager and Sales Rep. Value (check the checkbox(es) for each task as desired. Include a task at the top like “Setup instructions: Assign collaborators to be” with the instructions below.

After you create the project from the template, sort by Collaborators To Be (don’t sort within sections) and for each unique value, multi-select and actually add that collaborator, clear the checkbox, and move on to the next one. When done, remove the custom field; it’s only needed at setup. You could probably mostly automate that with rules too.

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Hi Larry!

Thank you very much for the reply!

So Larry, if I do that, those people would get notified whenever anything happened to that task? It was my understanding that filters for people didn’t provide notifications (maybe a recent release has it working now and I just don’t know).


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Thanks, @Leonardo_Corso.

Not “anything” but significant things, including added comments. You can see the full list by searching Notifications in Asana Help.

Filters in a project don’t affect the issuing of notifications. Filters in individuals’ Asana Inboxes would affect them (but would not affect email notifications, I think, should they have those enabled too).

Hi, @Leonardo_Corso

May I suggest that you consider casting your vote in this direction, as it would greatly contribute to the realization of our goals?