Project or Task context in iOS app

Hello Community,

I’m finding an issue with My Tasks and the iOS app. When I launch the app in My Tasks I have no context with whether these tasks are in a current project, what project that is, or if they are actually subtasks of another task. In the web app it shows this detail, but the iOS app does not.

It would be helpful if there was at least a color (to match project color) or little arrow icon (for subtasks) to give some sort of context.

I’m finding I need to work around this issue by having to actually manage tasks when I get to my computer, rather than the iOS app. Clicking through each task just to get details isn’t a good way to get an overview of My Tasks.

This is also important to see at a glance when a Task is created without a parent project so I can place it under the appropriate project.

Have you found a good workaround for this until it’s (hopefully) improved?


Hi @anthonyprice. The only workaround that comes to mind is to use a task prefix for the project name e.g. If the project was called “Website launch” you could name a task like “WL - Buy domain name”. I appreciate this is less than ideal as it’s a lot of extra admin.

Hi @paulminors thanks for that suggestion.

Yeah, that is some extra admin, but this workaround shouldn’t need to be done. The point of productivity tools is to offer context around what needs to be done, when, and what else it’s associated with. Unfortunately, the feature parity with the web app for task and project context just isn’t there with the iOS app.

I’m really hoping the Asana team adds something to help with this.