How do you view a task name when the subtask is assigned to a different project?

When a task project and a subtask project don’t match, the subtask does not show the task name in list view from the iPad or phone apps.

For instance, in this picture, I have a task “Brochure Request” in the project “Setup Asana Environment.” I have a subtask “Design” assigned to the project “Form Intake.”

From the Asana desktop app, I can see (highlighted) the parent task “Brochure Request” in a light gray on the task list.

My question: How can I quickly view the task name when I’m using the mobile or iPad app? Also, how can I quickly view the task name when I’m looking at the My tasks widget on the homepage?

Hello @Deborah_Millican

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I am not sure I fully understand your question.

The task name is the bold name ‘Design’ that you can see.
The greyed part is the hierarchy of the task you are in. So you can see that the task:
Design - in Forum Intake project - also belongs to a mother project / task called: Set up Asana Environment - Brochure Request.

So if you can explain what is it you are trying to achieve, view, I will try to assist.

Hi Rashad_Issa – My concern is that while you can see the “Brochure Request” task name in the desktop app (in light gray), but if you look at the same screen in the iPad or mobile app, you can’t immediately see what parent task the subtask “Design” belongs to.

Is there a way to make the parent task name appear? Or is there a way to automatically populate it into a field, so you can see what, in this case, “Design” actually belongs to?

Below is a screenshot from my iPhone showing the task list from the Intake Form project list view.

Ah! I see what you mean now.
I think the challenge is that on an iOS screen, that might clutter the ‘real estate’ you have.

Thanks for providing further clarity!

If there is no way to view the parent task on an iOS screen, do you know if there a way to get the parent task to automatically populate to a field?
Just looking for something that would help my designers quickly differentiate this “Design” subtask for a brochure request from a “Design” subtask for a poster request.

For me personally, on the my task view on iOS, I have the field: projects showing.
So at a glance, I can see the task is associated with which project - regardless if it is a task or a subtask in that project.