Project name on Subtasks within the list view

When a task is assigned under a given project, the project name is shown as a colored bug within the list view on the right hand side. When a subtask is assigned within a project, the project name is not shown on the list view and requires you to click on it, to see what project it is tied to. Is there a way to show the project name in list view for subtasks?

Welcome to the Forum @Cameron_Ito and thank you for reaching out!

Please have a look the workaround provided by my colleague Marie where she explains how to achieve what you are looking for: Add project name to sub-tasks

Additionally, this a popular request among users in the Forum and there is an existing thread about it : Allow to automatically add subtasks to project In case you haven’t yet, I would suggest you to upvote it.

I hope this helps Cameron but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!