Progress Bar seen in Webinar

Hello. I am watching the [EMEA Webinar] How Asana Uses Asana to Manage Strategic Operations. How can I install the progress bar as seen on this screenshot at the 15:41 mark? Thank you all!

Hi @Rubén_B,

There’s nothing to install; if you’re not seeing that column in a Portfolio list view, go to the Customize menu (right hand side of the Portfolio view) and turn on that column using the little blue slider:


@Rubén_B, In addition to what @Phil_Seeman wrote, also look in the screenshot you posted where it says Progress type: Task. That’s one of two choices you can set for that column’s value; the other is Progress type: Milestone. Perhaps you already have the column toggled on, but set to Milestone (hoverable dots) as opposed to Task (the progress bar).



Good point, @lpb, that might actually be the issue.


Thank you both! I will try this solution!

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