Pulling more project information from Portfolios

I am wondering if other than the ‘progress status’ bar in portfolios, is anything else automated. When I pull a project into portfolios I’d like the dates to automatically fill in the date column. I know that this view is very topline but I’d like to know what else can be pulled across to take out the manual steps of pulling a project into portfolios then having to fill out each column with the information that is already found in the project to a more topline view.


The date column comes from the project dates you can fill into the info panel of the project (info button next to project name). Did you know?

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The project owner, project progress/milestones are also visible and added as a column in Portfolio :slight_smile: you can learn more about Portfolio in the article below:

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I did not! Thank you!

So can you have a column called “Strategy Completed” and a milestone also called “Strategy Completed” - and when that milestone is ticked, it shows up as completed in the column?

I’m just trying to get more automation so we aren’t having to manually fill out those columns, rather if we sync it with milestones that are in the project without having to open the progress bar.

Not really. Portfolio have a progress column in which you can toggle between tasks and milestones. That’s the only like you can have with milestones…

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