Program to manage projects for Engineering firm



Looking for a new program for engineering firm. I’m looking for a project management and database program. I have been looking at asana and I have not found anything related to what we do really. Would asana be a viable option for a company that has about 200 employees and working on about 3000 active projects at one time. We have about two thirds small projects and one third large projects. We have a Civil Engineering, Planning, Permitting, Survey, Admin, HR, Accounting, IT and a few other departments. Everyone works in the same project numbers. An example would be Job number-> Department-> Large Task-> Smal task -> small task. We also do compliance work and need to be able to track permits and renew them.


There is a lot of cross talk between departments as well.


Asana might be a good fit. If I understand well, everyone is working on every project? :thinking:

Asana is organized around an Organization containing Teams, each team containing projects and each project contains tasks. A task can contain subtasks. I feel like your Department can be a team, large task a project, small task a task, and then a level of subtasks. But I don’t understand what is your job number.

I can offer some consulting work to look at your need more closely!

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